Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.

Theodore Roosevelt

Nowadays, almost anyone can claim to be an “expert” and make audacious claims to lure clients.

They usually fall short of delivering on the “marketing hype” because they lack a genuine interest in their clients’ success.

I founded The Optimacy Group out of my own disappointment with website designers and self-professed SEO ‘gurus.’

It took a few years and a lot of hard work, but I taught myself all the skills necessary to do it myself.

The days of being over-charged by big firms and charlatans were OVER!

While I learned a lot of skills, I quickly realized why others fail with similar expertise and even more experience.  

They lack…

A commitment to their clients and passion to achieving superior results no matter what the challenge.

What started as a venture to help my own businesses quickly transitioned into helping friends, family, and other business partners.

My dedication for ensuring each client’s success and happiness trumped my lack of experience.

After achieving better results than others charging ten times more, I began getting lots of referrals outside of my personal network.

This rapid growth led to the genesis of The Optimacy Group.

Jason Messina, CPA


Our Formula for Success


Strong Communication

Great communication requires more than just exchanging data.

Ambitious Goals

With proper vision and planning, almost any goal is attainable.

Superior Performance

Vision without diligence and skill is just a dream.


Measurement and Analysis

The crucial link between strategy and lasting results.

How Can We Help You?

Cutting Costs –

Not Corners!

Each client deserves unique attention.

Even within the same industry, companies are at different stages of growth and require customized strategies.

We match your needs with the right formula for the greatest value!


Customer Satisfaction

Website Design

What is your website saying about you?  

How does it compare to the competition?  

Is it generating new leads and results?

Your website often gives customers their first impression about your business.

The wrong impression could be costing you revenue and your reputation.

The Optimacy Group builds websites that:

  • Enhance your reputation
  • Offer valuable content for your specific target market
  • Exhibit creative designs without being gimmicky
  • Convert visitors into leads
  • Interface with your email lists / campaigns
  • Easy to self-manage and keep up-to-date
  • Conducive to almost any budget
Search Engine Optimization

Want New Leads?

Tired of Getting Poor Results from Cold Calls, Trade Shows?


What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?


SEO is the process of increasing the visibility and ranking of your website in search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo!


 Advantages of SEO


A pretty website is worthless without traffic. Your customers are searching online every day for products/services in your market.   Are you losing them to your competition? Here are some of the advantages of SEO:

  • 24/7 Promotion – Search engine rankings help you reach limitless prospects no matter what time of day.
  • Targeted Leads Specific keyword rankings can pre-screen leads for you.
  • Great ROI – SEO usually offers the highest return on marketing dollars spent.
  • Conducive to Small Businesses SEO allows you to even the playing field and compete with much larger companies for the same price.
  • Enhanced Credibility – Showing up at the top of search results for your industry provide valuable intangible benefits that help translate into easier sales conversions.

 What is the RIGHT approach to SEO?

The first step is not getting fooled by charlatans.

Their too-good-to-be-true ‘guarantees’ of certain rankings NEVER materialize, and they often end up causing more harm than good with their ‘black-hat’ tactics.

They simply create ‘spammy’ back links from disreputable sources hoping they will fool the search engines into higher rankings.

Please note that any minor rankings boost from ‘black-hat’ SEO depreciate quickly once the search engine algorithms catch-on.  This results in ‘penalties’ that often negatively impact rankings lower than where they started.

The Optimacy Group employs only “white hat” SEO strategies that won’t harm your reputation or incur penalties.

Our success revolves around a proven, ethical, and comprehensive strategy briefly summarized below:

  • In-depth Research Into Your Business, Industry, and Target Market – No step is more crucial to the success/failure of an SEO campaign. Almost all SEO failures can be traced to poor initial research and strategy.
  • Comprehensive Keyword Research – Identify optimal keywords by analyzing the competition, finding niches, and computing the difficulty to rank for those terms.
  • Content Optimization – Analyze the content of your website and optimize it for the keywords identified.  
  • Valuable Links Enhance website traffic and popularity via reputable back links and other social media signals.
  • Measurement and Analysis – Capture detailed statistics on website traffic to evaluate the success of the campaign.
  • Continuing Improvement – Stay on top of the ever-changing search engine algorithms and study statistics compiled during the campaign.

Our  proven formula has led to top rankings for many keywords in record time. In as little as a week to 30 days, clients report seeing new leads and revenue opportunities!

Social Media and Reputation Management

Keep-in-touch with your existing customers!

Reach new customers in a cost-effective manner!

What is Social Media Optimization (SMO)?

SMO helps your business ‘connect’ online with existing clients and new prospects via social media platforms such as Twitter, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Even if you’ve engaged in ZERO social media efforts in the past, odds are good your customers, competitors, vendors, and employees are already mentioning you online.

Did you know that 49% of internet users buy something each month based on social media recommendations.

SMO helps you establish and manage your presence in the online community.

Among other things, it allows you to contribute valuable content about your business and industry that others will like, share, and remember.

In many ways, SMO is word-of-mouth advertising on steroids.  It provides an ideal platform for non-aggressive, yet powerful marketing messages that can spread easily.

Companies that use SMO gain tremendous exposure and control over their reputation at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing.

 Why Outsource Social Media Marketing?


SMO looks easy, but most companies fail miserably to keep up a consistent effort.  As a result, their social media footprint becomes a NEGATIVE versus a positive. Outsourcing your social media efforts with The Optimacy Group will ensure your social media strategy is well-formulated and effective. We use tools and technology not available to most, which allows us to deliver superior and measurable results. In short, our process entails…

  • Understanding your business and what works for your market on social media
  • Setting up social media accounts and overcoming any previous deficiencies
  • Choose the right tools for delivery of new updates and messages
  • Formulate game-plan and assign responsibilities for posting updates
  • Implement proprietary and secret methods that help build strong relationships and translate followers into customers

Once we help you implement a successful strategy, we can either continue managing it for you or train you to take over on your own.

Again, everything is customizable to your EXACT needs and goals.  We NEVER use a cookie-cutter approach.

If you’re ready to gain new followers on social media and convert them into customers, NOW is the time to call us before your competition takes this advantage from you. 

 Measuring SMO Results

Your social return on investment must be more than just counting ‘likes’, ‘shares’, and followers.

Our analytics go further and help connect these numbers to your bottom line.

We also measure things that require much more expertise to quantify such as…

  • Is your brand perceived positively or negatively online?
  • Are your social media efforts improving your company’s perception online?
  • What types of social media translate to actual new customers and revenue?

With proper analytics, we will continually adapt your SMO strategy and deliver superior results.

Many firms claim expertise in developing SMO campaigns, but we’re proud to be recognized as one of the few firms that actually deliver RESULTS!

Email Marketing

Email is still the top method for communicating with new and existing customers!

Email may not seem as prominent as in the past, but nothing is a more powerful marketing tool than an EFFECTIVE email campaign.

When coupled with a great landing page and valuable content, a single email can deliver a tremendous return on investment.

Are you utilizing email effectively to solicit new customers? 

A successful email marketing strategy requires proper planning, template design, great content, adaptive displays on mobile, and analytics.  Few companies truly have the expertise and experience to generate superior results.

Let us help you implement a plan that WORKS!

We’ve got all the latest tools, techniques and expertise required to help you navigate the nuances of email marketing.

Our proven methodology WILL provide better results and generate more revenue!

Summary of Our Email Marketing Approach


  • Evaluate and analyze your existing email strategy
  • Develop a comprehensive plan to integrate emails and newsletters into your marketing campaign
  • Create newsletter templates that are captivating and effective at converting readers to customers
  • Sync email efforts with your website, social media and other advertising to deliver the best possible results

Why Outsource Email Marketing 

Here is just one example of why our expertise can yield significant dividends…

Did you know that fewer customers unsubscribe from email lists if they are engaged first on social media before an email blast?

Creating an email may sound easy, but designing and coding it to work properly with your website, social media platforms and email service provider requires certain expertise.

Let The Optimacy Group help you navigate the challenges of email marketing and deliver you new clients / customers.

Once email marketing is integrated into your efforts, almost all clients report seeing noticeable improvements in conversions and new revenues.


Pay-per-click (PPC) is an extremely powerful advertising tool!

For some businesses, PPC is actually the primary source of their existence and growth.

Many others have substituted PPC for traditional advertising and saved thousands of dollars with better results.

On average, search engines bring over 70% of all visitors to a company’s website.  This traffic can be extremely profitable if you pick the right keywords for PPC and provide content that converts them into revenue.

What is Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising?

PPC typically refers to the ads/sponsored links you see at the very top (or along the right side) of search engine results.

These ads might also be presented within relevant articles or news.

PPC revolves around bidding on specific keywords that are priced via an auction-style system.  In most cases, the higher your bid — the higher your ad will show in search engine rankings.

Google AdWords and Bing AdCenter offer the most popular platforms that administer PPC auctions.

Benefits of Pay-per-click Advertising


  • You only pay if someone clicks your ad.
  • Instant high rankings on search results and immediate website traffic.
  • Attract a specific target market based on keywords chosen.
  • Great performance analytics that allow you to A/B test different ads, keywords, and results.

Why Outsource PPC Management?

The Optimacy Group will professionally design and administer your PPC campaigns.  Much like with SEO, we start with researching your industry, ideal keywords, and revenue potential.

In many cases, PPC advertising does NOT make sense for certain businesses, industries, and keywords.  You need a firm with expertise and integrity to give you the RIGHT answer.

We don’t force square pegs into round holes.  If PPC doesn’t make sense, we will tell you and provide other options to generate new leads/revenue.

If PPC does make sense, here are just a few of the things we will do for you:

  • Keyword research and identification
  • Keyword auction management
  • Curating creative and effective ads /graphics
  • Create landing pages specifically matched to your different ads
  • Tracking of clicks to sales conversions

Online Success Is Within Your Reach