“Do you have any website hosting recommendations?”


This is a common question we receive at The Optimacy Group.

Most clients let us handle the hosting for them, but a few bigger firms like to manage it themselves.

Inevitably, they still come to us for recommendations because it’s a very important choice, but also confusing.

Many cheap website hosting providers bombard the airwaves with advertisements, and people want to know the “catch”.

Truth-be-told….These companies are actually better marketing firms than website hosting firms. They utilize huge marketing campaigns to make them seem like the biggest and most popular hosting company.

Ironically, whether they are the cheapest or biggest doesn’t matter!


If you’re website it important to you, than the primary concern should be on the BEST and MOST RELIABLE hosting provider.


For purchasing some things like domain names (and toilet paper), it’s fine to use the cheapest option.  Domain names DON’T require the same level of support and infrastructure that website hosting demands.

As a result, many of these cheap hosting providers lure you with cheap domain prices and then try to up-sell you on hosting packages that also seem too-good-to-be-true.

Unfortunately, there is always a “catch”.

One trick is that they make up for low sticker price by charging high fees for ancillary and hidden features that others include in their standard packages.

In short, don’t get fooled by marketing hype and let it come back to bite you later.

We at The Optimacy Group don’t provide hosting services.  However, we help you sift through the various options and provide you with the right recommendation in both vendor and hosting package for your needs.

We’ve performed several tests in the past on “cheap” hosting providers with test sites. Our results were universally poor.

First, the sites frequently would be offline or running real slow. When we attempted to contact customer service, it was horrible compared to our preferred hosting providers.

The wait times to speak to someone was over an hour and most of the time, the person on the other end was an outsourced “service tech” from India who you could barely understand. Most of their replies were strictly scripted and provided little help

We give them credit for being very polite, but they also took every occasion when we called for technical support to try and sell us other services too.

After requiring further research into our problem, we were sent an email reply.  They basically blamed other websites that were hosting on the same server for slowing down our site. While they said “action had been taken” to fix the problem, nothing changed.


These “cheap” providers typically overload servers with too many websites and they also attract the less than reputable type clientele. This is a recipe that you and your business want to avoid!


Best of all…when we calculated the apples-to-apples savings from these so-called “cheap hosting” providers…it turns out the actual savings was less than $2/month.

The headaches and harm to your site are not worth these savings.

NEVER cut corners when it comes to website hosting.

All hosting providers we use at The Optimacy Group are reputable firms with 24/7 customer service and immediate response times.