Twitter Brand Hub

If you do not qualify for Twitter Brand Hub and want to do traditional twitter ads, here is a quick guide on creating a campaign that can increase traffic to your website.

Near the end of 2015, Twitter expanded its business products by launching what they call – Twitter Brand Hub.

Although this is something for advertisers, Twitter Brand Hub appears much less centered on ads or marketing promotions. It focuses a little more around the larger discussion about various brands and merchandise. Obviously though, this information will help companies discover exactly where they should increase their awareness by using twitter ads.

For instance, Twitter launched the TrueVoice statistic, comprising what amount of social media conversations are about a specific brand versus their competitors. They figure out a brand’s TrueVoice via measuring Tweets concerning a company and their competitors. Next, they calculate the percentage of these owned by the company.

Twitter Brand Hub also includes demographic information – such as sex, locale and salary – for those tweeting about a company and even details the most influential people within the conversations. (Don’t worry…Twitter claims their data keeps individual users private.) Plus, it features more details as to what consumers are expressing about the brand, such as the top words and phrases or even the degree of company loyalty suggested by the tweets.

Typical advertising strategies focus on conversion/sales. Twitter Brand Hub, however, provides more conventional company marketing analytics.  Additionally, it focuses a large concentration on impressions, not just twitter posts or engagements, which might allow Twitter to emphasize how one tweet could have a big impact if seen by plenty of people.

Twitter claims the Brand Hub is currently accessible to large and medium companies from English-speaking countries.

If you do not qualify for Twitter Brand Hub and want to do traditional twitter ads, here is a quick guide on creating a campaign that can increase traffic to your website.

Create a Twitter Advertising Campaign

Website Cards work best in getting traffic from Twitter. Twitter claims that Promoted Tweets” experience 43% greater engagement than just a tweet with a link.

If you want to create a Twitter ad, visit Next, click Create new campaign and then select Website clicks or conversions in the drop-down listing. Remember, the good news is that you only pay if someone clicks your Website Card. Thus, many people can see your ad at zero cost.

Creating your website card requires a little skill and practice, but here are the key elements to include:

1. Highlight the best part of the product or service you offer.
2. Make sure you include an eye-catching image that will grab viewers’ attention.
3. Write a compelling description that includes your website/landing page address.
4. Create a powerful call-to-action from the various options provided by Twitter.

Choose An Audience

The next stage requires you to choose your audience.

Twitter allows you to target your campaign to a very specific demographic. This allows you to focus on the exact type customers you want.

Inevitably, you will need to do lots of testing and optimize your audience over time. Don’t forget about “follower targeting” where you can target those who follow your competition. For many industries/businesses, this can be a very profitable audience. Also, try to test campaigns that focus on Mobile versus Desktop. Sometimes there are different response rates to ads on different platforms.

In future articles, we’ll share more information about doing Twitter ads. In the interim, feel free to call us and let us grow your business with Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn ads.