Some have the time and knowledge to design their own website – most don’t.

Making the RIGHT choice is more complicated than you think

Many people ask us…

“Can I make my own website?”

“How can I make a website for free?”

“How can I learn website design?”

In the video below, we highlight the key criteria for answering these questions.


Should You Design Your Own Website



Can I design my own business website?



First of all…If you don’t have a website, NOW is the time to have one.  Anyone without a business website is severely handicapping there revenues.

The video above provided a good synopsis on whether you should –

  • Create your own website,
  • Use tools that claim to make a website for free, and
  • Where to learn website design.

Here are a few more things to consider when deciding whether to design your own website.

    1. It should represent your business, philosophy, and brand in a way that is convincing to visitors
    2. It should be simple to locate, constantly accessible, and easy for individuals of any computer ability to navigate.
    3. It should be simple to upgrade when you’ve got products, services, or news to share.
    4. It should be be your silent sales person and produce leads, directing possibilities to contact us to find out more.

If you can’t make sure your website is doing these things, then it is time to hire a professional like The Optimacy Group to help you.

If you do go it alone, here are some suggestions to employ in designing your own website.  They are similar to the same principals we use.

  • KISS – Ensure that website stays simple. Too many people go for gimmicks over substance.  Always allocate more time to writing better content versus graphics.  Easy to read and use is the #1 attribute most websites miss.
  • Editing – Utilize third party opinions and respond to honest feedback.  Every site we build is run by third parties who played no role in the design.  This feedback is critical for delivering the best possible results and a great overall website.
  • Target your site to your specific market – Don’t create a nebulous site that tries to be all things to all people.  Focus on your specific strengths and target market.  Not only will it help you attract the customers most likely to hire or buy from you…it will also help you immensely on search engine rankings.
  • Learn how to maintain your site even if you use a third party – We teach all our clients how to maintain their sites after completion, but this is far from a standard industry practice.  Even if you don’t WANT to do and continue to outsource the updates, it’s recommended that you at least learn the basics, so that you can always step in if needed.
  • Compare your site to the competition – If you’re on a tight budget, you don’t have to have the best website in the world.  All you need is to have a better website than your competitors.  That is much easier than you think if you hire the right web designer or teach yourself the right skills.

We hope these tips and the video were helpful.  If you have any further questions or would like a more formal consultation please don’t hesitate to contact us.